Monday, 8 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week 4 Day 1 Activity 2

If I had $300 million dollars I would spend it on...

  • $20 million dollars to Cancer Research
  • $20 million dollars to Starship
  • $10 million to the Salvation Army
  • $50 million to my parents
  • $150 million into a locked bank account to put towards a yacht/boat


Leslie Williamson said...

Hi Harrison,

It's a challenge to try to decide how to handle a situation that is hypothetical, isn't it? I'm very glad to see that you would plan to give at least 1/2 of the money to others- and mostly charitable organizations. Well done, you.

Does a yacht really cost $150 million? Living in a part of Canada where our waterways don't really accommodate yachts, I know very little about them. My boat of choice is a canoe - 16 feet long, about 2 1/2 feet wide and very easy to move on lakes and rivers.

If you ever have $300 million dollars I hope you'll post a Selfie from your yacht!


Heather Collins said...

Nannie, Uncle Dave, Great Auntie Heather, Joanne and Melanie would all be very proud that you hyperthetically decided to give $20mk to Cancer research, and given our involvement with Starship through Simune so would Brieta and Helgard... Well done on giving back to the Salvation Army too, perhaps serving lunch to those who had nothing on Christmas Day influenced this choice?

I don't think Dad and I really need $50mk, but thankyou for the offer...and Lewis?

That is going to be some awesome this the global floating hospital to provide free medical care? You have a caring heart Harrison, don't let others change your compassion and take advantage of your generosity...always be true to yourself and your roots.

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