Monday, 8 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week 4 Day 1 Activity 1

In this activity I had to say what our family does during a birthday or other celebration...

In my house if there a special occasions such as a birthday we usually go out for a meal or cook  nice meal at home. We also get a nice and delicious cake or cheesecake.


Unknown said...

Hi Harrison,

Yum! A birthday just wouldn't be a real birthday without a cake, would it?
I'm Rachel Williams' mom and when she was growing up we had a lot of fun celebrating birthdays with special food and decorations. We always hung colourful streamers in our kitchen, we made a "Happy Birthday" sign and hung it up as well, and we had balloons tied with colourful ribbons. Rachel's birthday meal choice usually was to have hamburgers and french fries. And she loved having a birthday cake and ice cream for dessert.
Our special tradition was to go out for breakfast, as a family, on the morning of each person's birthday. We liked to celebrate the day from beginning to end!

I hope your next birthday will be lots of fun for you!

And I hope you're enjoying this blogging program. It's great to be reading your posts!


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