Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Rounding large numbers DLO

This is my DLO on how to round large numbers. It has 3 different examples with varying difficulty.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Rounding Numbers Activites

WALT: round large numbers
Today I did some online rounding large numbers activities. I found this easy. I got 100% after answering 10 questions on each.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Rounding numbers DLO

WALT: round large numbers and decimals
In this task I did a DLO on rounding numbers, whole and decimals. I includes the basic rules of rounding and also 4 examples. 2 of whole numbers and 2 of decimals.

Rounding Numbers

WALT: round large numbers and decimals

In this task we played two games to do with rounding. One was rounding whole numbers and one was rounding decimals. I found this task easy because one you know how to round numbers it becomes really easy.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Perfect Paragraphs - Turtles

Turtles are a unique creature. There are no other creatures like it. No other creature has
the ability to live in water and also on land. No other creature has the ability to remove
the salt out of salt water. No others creature gender depends on the temperature of
their nest… crazy right?

Turtles have an extremely fascinating build. Whether it be their rock-hard shell or their
soft under-shell. Did you know that Turtles actually have 2 shells? The shell on top is
called carapace, this is the harder of the two shells. The shell that not everyone
knows about is located underneath the Turtle and it’s called the plastron. The purpose
of this shell is to keep its internal organs in place. Perhaps one of the more interesting
facts is that they can retract their heads into their shells when feeling scared.
However, turtles didn’t always have the amazing body
that we know and love today.

Turtles have been around for nearly 250 million years!!! That's a lot long longer than humans. The first turtles actually had teeth. However, due to evolution, this feature disappeared over time. Not only teeth but also when the first turtles were around they actually had no shells, they were just protected by their rib cages! It’s so weird to think that the iconic turtle shell came millions of years after turtles came into existence. They’ve been around for such a long and they aren’t leaving any time soon.

It may come as a surprise but there are over 300 different species of turtles in the world. The largest being the Leatherback sea turtle weighing in anywhere between 250 kg and 700 kg. It is also approximately 2 meters long! However, not all turtles are massive. There is a turtle called the Common Musk Turtle. It weighs around 600 g - that’s the same weight as a Basketball. Size isn’t the only difference between different species of turtles. There is a species of turtles called snapping turtles. They don’t have teeth but they can grasp onto you and use their powerful heads to pull a chunk out of you. They lie at the bottom of swamps and murky lakes waiting for the perfect time to strike. Turtles come in all shapes and sizes.

In conclusion, turtles are such a unique creature. They have such a fascinating anatomy. Not only that but they have barely evolved in the 250 million that they have been slowly walking on the earth. They also have their own special attributes, whether it be being massive or being tiny or perhaps it could be the fact that some of them could rip chunks flesh right out of you. They truly are one of the most special creatures on the planet.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Earthquake Saftey

Tomorrow is the national Shakeout. This means that everyone nation wide will practice what to do i case of an earthquake. I made a DLO on what an earthquake is, what do to before an earthquake, what to do during an earthquake and what to do after an earthquake.

Organizing Paragraphs DLO

We did a task about organizing paragraphs and we had to crete DLO on it. I worked with Sione. I found this task easy.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Astria – Countdown to Impact

A teacher in another school has recently blogged that:
“Students don’t learn much playing this game called Astria – Countdown to Impact: Their time could be better spent doing other things”.

I partly disagree with this statement because Astria is a learning game. If the goal wasn't to learn then it wouldn't be classified as a learning game. The main learning aspect of Astria is to understand how to identify a reliable piece of text. Not only that but you can also learn new vocabulary such as the word schematic. Also this game makes you think about the best way to solve a problem, you also must give evidence as to why you choose that solution and not one of the others.
However, I do see where this teacher is coming from and understand them. They may of had higher expectations for this game after using games such as StudyLadder, Mathletics or other games like that. They could've believed that this game fell short of games such as StudyLadder because of the reason that this game has ending and once you finished the game you have to restart and you would just be replaying the same story over and over again. However with games like StudyLadder there is no end, the longer you go you different types of questions. They may have been under the impression that it was going to include different types of learning such as maths, writing, science and technology.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Teacher Strike Infographic

WALT: create an infographic to show our understanding

In this task, we created an infographic about the teacher strike using the information we got from our survey. We used a variety of presentation styles e.g. pie charts, bar charts, donut charts, words, fractions, percentages etc. 

Whilst doing this task I realized that many teachers have big classrooms and also that the majority of them agreed with the strike.

I worked by myself in this task and I think I did quite well because I managed to catch up to the rest of the class really quickly. Also once I figured how to do it efficiently it became easy.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Teacher Strike Storyboard

WALT: form our own opinion after considering both sides of the story
Above is a storyboard and a DLO about the teacher strike and how some people have different opinions about it. 

In this task we had to understand why some people agree with the strike and why some disagree with it. We also had to research different opinions about the strike. Some of the negative opinion's that we discovered were Mike Hosking.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Solvemoji 16/08/18

This morning as a maths warm up I did solvemoji once again. This was one of the more challenging questions that was presented. However I still found it quite easy.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Collaborative Problem Solving

Today we did Collaborative Problem Solving. This is the DLO that I did on it. I found this quite easy and unchallenging to do.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Persuasive Element in Famous Speeches

WALT:Identify persuasive language in a text.
Today me and my buddy were making persuasive languages speech.
It was hard, because we had to find the video with the right persuasive languages.
It was fun finding the videos because I loved listening to their quotes.

Friday, 27 July 2018


Walt: understand how to use FORREST to persuade

Today I worked with my buddy and together we created this
amazing DLO about FORREST (writing tactic for speeches),
it took us awhile but it was really fun. FORREST is an acronym
and it means Facts, Opinions, Rhetorical questions, Repetition,
Emotive language, Statistics and Three (groups of).

Fake Text Conversation

This is an conversation that I created with my partner, Jolie. It is about how fortnite should be banned. However, there is a catch. We had to use persuasive language features such as stats, facts and rhetorical questions.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Find area and perimeter without knowing all the length of all the sides.

Today we did a DLO on how to find area and perimeter with only knowing the length of one side. I did the first problem and my partner Jolie did the second problem. I found this quite easy as once you learn how to do it is really simple.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Parachute from Space

Are you interested in parachuting from space? If so this is the place for you. Visit my website and book now!!!

Monday, 25 June 2018

Collaborative Problem Solving

Today, as we do every Monday we did collaborative problem solving. I found this quite easy. I liked it how we had four questions instead of three this time. I didn't work with anyone else on this occasion as I found it easier just to work by myself. 

Monday, 18 June 2018

Save the animals!!!

Today in technology we were tasked with creating a logo for a charity. I decided to do mine for a animal rescue charity. I believe that this will be a good fit for the charity box that I'm going to be making.

Friday, 15 June 2018

South Island Scavenger Hunt

Above is a scavenger hunt/online information hunt. It is about the South Island of New Zealand.

We created these scavenger hunts after learning about reliability. We had to know about reliability so we could make sure our facts and answers were true.

If you wish to complete this scavenger hunt; all you answers must be in caps with no spaces in between. The information is from a variety of reliable websites. Good luck...

Friday, 1 June 2018

Reliable Websites

This a DLO on reliability. It defines what reliability, how to identify a reliable website and why you should only use reliable website. In this lesson we learning about reliability so that we could then create our very own scavenger hunts.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Factorising and Expanding

Over the past couple of weeks we have been covering many different parts of algebra. Such as factorising, expanding, using BEDMAS to find an unknown value and also solving for 𝐗. In the DLO you see above I have covered Factorising and also expanding.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Tourism Sort

Today we did an inquiry topic on psychocentric and allocentric tourists. Much to my surprise I learnt psychocentric means to be peaceful and allocentric means to be crazy or adventours.

In this activity we had to sort activities in to whether they are allocentric or physiocentric. After that we had to say why we decided to put in that section.

My expectations in graphics

Today in graphics we did an toondoo on what we expect to do in graphics. I found this really quite fun and easy.

Collaborative problem solving

Today we did collaborative problem solving. I found these questions easy because these are type of questions that I have come across before.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Solvemoji 14/5/18

Today I did a solvemoji. I found this one harder than usual because I purposefully choose a hard one.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Tourism in New Zealand DLO

WALT: combine our smart searching and reading skills to quickly find information

Success Criteria: I can…combine our smart searching and reading skills to qu
  • Understand what the question is asking
  • Use teamwork and communicate
  • Use key words and be direct

Today we did a New Zealand tourism online scavenger hunt. Afterwards I then had to do a DLO about it (Shown Above). I really enjoy doing these types of scavenger hunts and would really like to do more.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Tourism in New Zealand

WALT:understand why tourists come to NZ

Today we started our inquiry topic for this term. This terms topic in tourism in New Zealand. For this activity we had to come up with ideas for reasons why tourists some to New Zealand. Not only that we also had to group them into categories.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Solvemoji 4/05/18

This morning as a maths warm up I did solvemoji once again. This was one of the more challenging questions that was presented. However I still found it quite easy.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Solvemoji 2/05/18

Today I did solvemoji. I completed it extremely quick. I don't why but this one looked hard but then turned out to be really simple.

Monday, 30 April 2018


What it says:
Arikirangi is a born leader,
Arikirangi is an awesome treasure of gold,
Arikirangi is winter, fun festive,
Arikirangi is Goku a fearsome warrior,
Arikirangi is Shrek; brave and caring,
Arikirangi is Kyrie Irving the best basketball player.

We recently received our buddy classes package for GET NZ WRITING. It was a Maori-speaking school located in Wellington. One of the tasks for GET NZ WRITING was writing a Metaphor poem (Above). I liked the metaphor poem that I got because this person compares themself to famous characters and sports people.

Solvemoji 30/04/18

Today I did solvemoji. It was quite easy. Yet still one of the more challenging problems I have faced on Solvemoji.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Figurative language in a novel

Today we were identifying figurative language in a novel. The follow up work was to create an image using one of the figurative language features. I choose to do a personification. In this photo the girl is begging for the light to come back after it has gone away on a train.

Mystery at the detectives office

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Solvemoji 4/4/2018

Today I did Solvemoji. I found it relatively hard because I picked a harder problem but still on the medium difficulty. I would like to stick to the level for a while.

Solvemoji 4/3/18

Today I did Solvemoji. I found it relatively hard because I picked a harder problem but still on the medium difficulty. I would like to stick to the level for a while.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The Harrison Poem

Today I am posting my metaphor poem.

Harrison is a ripped parcel
Sitting there collecting dust on the bottom shelf

Harrison is a rainbow kite
Swirling around creating colour all over the sky
Creating a marvellous visual effect

Harrison is the emoji keyboard
Who can change emotions at the tap of a screen

Whenever I peer into the mirror
Harrison beams right back at me
It’s really funny

Harrison is a car with no end destination
Cruising down the motorway
Changing speed as it goes

Harrison is 8 letters
Lifted from the historical Alphabet of the ancient Greeks

Look over there
Bits of fire shooting out from that flamethrower
Jumping from log to log
I chase it down with a portable fire hydrant

They might be Harrison

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Collaborative problem solving

Today we did collaborative problem solving. For the DLO I worked with Sione and Poiva. I found this activity quite easy as the question were easy as well.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Figurative Language in Songs

Today we did a google on air lesson and follow up. I found this quite challenging because I had to identify all the different figurative language features in a song. The song I choose was Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. As I was doing the activity I found that there were alot of rhyming.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Maths Extension

 Today Miss Donaldson set me some extra work to do whilst my group was on the mat. I found this a bit challenging which is really good because it was but still possible.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Collaborative Problem Solving

Today we did collaborative problem solving. Although I didn't work work with Malae or Jamaine I did a DLO with them. I found this quite easy This is because I knew all the strategies that had to be used for these question and also I have come across with these types of questions before.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Who want to be a hundredaire

Today I did who wants to be a hundredaire and I won! This was really easy. It used bednas and the more money you earnt the harder the questions got. 

IXL Intergers

Today I did a IXL Integers activity. I found it quite simple to do and also easy. I just have to remember the different rules for integers. Next I would like to learn about multiplication and division.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Collaborative Problem Solving 05/03

Today we did collaborative problem solving. Instead of doing the questions I helped Kane and Jamaine because they needed help. Next time I'll do the actual questions as well.

Solvemoji 05/03

Today I did Solvemoji. I found it relatively hard because I picked a harder problem but still on the medium difficulty. I would like to stick to the level for a while.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Bullying Infographic

In this task I had to create an infographic on bullying. To be exact teenage bullying. I found this quite easy because a lot of the information was online.