Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week 3 Day 3 Activity 1

In this activity I had to clips from a 1970 TV show called Ready to Roll and rank them from 1 (The best) to 3 (The Worst)...

1.   Ray Columbus and the Invaders


Ellee said...

Hi Harrison!

My name is Ellee, I am another part of the Summer Learning Journey Crew that is commenting on your blogs this summer.

Looks like you have been super busy completing your activities this summer, awesome work!

Thank you for sharing your opinions on the music of the 1970's!
Was there a reason you ranked them this way?
I think my favourite might have been Golden Harvest, I really like the melody of the song and the chorus was really catchy.
I can't help but giggle at their outfits and dancing! (I can tell that my Mum grew up in this era because she still kinda dances like this...I am sure it was cool back then!haha)
Do you prefer this music, or what we listen to now?

Great work Harrison, keep it up!
Ellee :)

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