Friday, 13 January 2017

Day 20 Bonus Activity

Over the summer holiday period, cost free through the SLJ, I went to Malaysia every day for 20 days; all from the comfort of my sofa/bed/study/garden...

I went all by myself and visited several different places in Malaysia that I hadn't been to before and probably wouldn't of known about if I hadn't been on this journey.

I explored the awesome Batu Caves and the breath-taking Petronas Towers, I tried to learn some basic Malay phrases, I ate lots of traditional dishes including Nasi Lemak, I saw a Malayan Tapir and a Gaur in their natural habitats, I watched a really strange TV programme called Upin and Ipn, I watched a game of Sepak Takraw which I think we should have a go at at school, I travelled around the country on a lot of different forms of transportation and sweltered in the Malaysian summer heat...and I got to invent a new National Day.

  • I learnt a lot about the country and culture of my choice and the reality of travelling alone (although I did pick up a companion or two along the way in the form of comments made on my blog).  
  • I learnt that a project based learning programme over the summer is actually quite fun!  
  • I learnt a lot about other countries by reading and commenting on other people blogs.  
  • I learnt the importance of doing something mindful everyday.
  • I learnt that I should take every opportunity given to me because you never know what door it might open for the future.
  • I learnt that commitment is hard work but perseverance pays off.
  • I learnt that the world is out there to be discovered and I now have a bucket list of places I'm going to explore.
But most importantly I've learnt that learning doesn't just happen at school...the holidays are a chance to learn even more about something that interests you. So, who's going to join me on the next learning journey and where will it take us?!

Day 20 Activity 1

What meal would I have when I return?

When I returned to New Zealand I would ask for some good old fish and chips (with mushy peas!), a strawberry and chocolate lamington slice served with goody-gum drops and hokey pokey ice cream coated in manuka honey with a large glass of L&P.

How kiwi (with a touch of British) am I?! LOL...

If that wasn't available then I'd settle for a HUGE serving of Mum's fish pie followed by a slice of her awesome banoffee pie...

Day 20 Activity 2

What I have I learnt?

  1. You must have a very organised plan / understanding of what and where you are going, but also the ability to be flexible should things beyond your control happen.  Always have a plan B that you're happy to use...                                                                                                                   
  2. Enjoy every minute of your travel experience... whether you're on the plane, delayed at the airport, getting transfers to accommodation, sightseeing wonders beyond your imagination, eating something you can't even pronounce, experiencing the local culture with local people, or just taking a moment to appreciate where you are. Even if its a "bad" day because it's pouring with rain and your plans have to change, take a golden moment and capture it to remember later when you're really having a bad day! Respect the differences that you encounter and try to find a connection with your own culture.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Day 19 Bonus Activity

HC goes to Malaysia; Summer Learning Journey 2017.
Digital Footprint

Day 19 Activity 2

Favourite weird vehicles...

I realy like the hover-board because you always see and hear people fantasizing about using one just like they do in movies and books.  They're also in my all time favourite time traveling movie "Back To The Future".
Image result for hoverboard

Image result for hoverboard back to the future

I also liked the Segway because it is an easy way to get around and if you feel like you are going too can just change the speed by leaning. They also just look really cool!
Image result for Segway
They are both quite similar actually!!!

Day 19 Activity 1

Planes / Trains / Automobiles...
Train – 25 minute ride; no stops along the way:
$12 for the trip (return) $0.24 per minute of transport.
The train is the fastest and as it is only 25 minutes, which really is not a long ride, and almost like a usual ride to school for me.

Bus - 45 minute ride; two stops along the way to look at interesting villages:
$8 for the trip (return) $0.08 per minute of transport.
I don't really like having to stop because I just want to get to where I'm going...this is also just under double of the train ride.

Scooter – 1 hour ride; unlimited number of stops: $5 for the trip (return) $0.04 per minute of transport
Now this is just a ridiculous amount of time to get to where I need to get too...and I'm not old enough to drive a scooter!
(Unless it's one that you have to manually push with your feet?!)

Bicycle – 2 hour ride; Unlimited number of stops: but there are some (steep) hills along the way:
$1 (return) $0.00 per minute of transport
This is not really an appropriate mode of transportation because it will take 2+ hours just to get there, and then 2+ hours to get back, so in total it would be over 4 hours because of all the stops...not to mention the physical energy required.

I would choose to take the train because its the most efficient mode of transport in context of time/ duration but not the most economically viable in terms of cost effectiveness.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Day 18 Bonus Activty

If I had the decision to choose how to save the Kakapo I would create a large invisible bullet proof bubble that was as large as Stewart Island.

Entrance inside the "Kakapo Bubble" is only approved by D.O.C (Department of Conservation) and payment of $1000.00 which would go toward the national conservation programme.

When you first enter the "Kakapo Bubble" you must spend 30 minutes washing your shoes and hands etc. to make sure that you don't bring anything into the "Bubble".
Image result for kakapo
Once you have passed the "cleanliness test" you are allowed to walk freely around the Kakapo reserve but you are under constant supervision via a drone to make sure that you don't do anything wrong to endanger the species any further.

Day 18 Activity 2

The first animal I chose is the Malayan Tapir, also known as the Tapirus indicus. They live in the swamps and forests of Malaysia and their diet consists of eating nuts, plants and fruit.
Image result for Malayan Tapir

The second animal I chose is the Gaur, also known as the Bos Gaurus.  There habitat is in countryside of Malaysia.  They eat grass and leaves and sometimes as a treat small sweet branches and fruit.
Image result for Gaur

Day 18 Activity 1

I had just entered the zoo when all of a sudden, I saw a lion on the loose! PANIC ran through my mind as my heart beat fast!!!! I ran../but unfortunately I was wearing a backpack full of ham, lamb, pork and chicken because it was just one of those coincidence days.

I decided to jump into one of the nearby pens to try and stay safe, but what I didn't do was check which enclosure I was seeking safety within...just my luck, it was the tiger's cage!

When I turned around to leave there was already a tiger guarding the exit and even if I did find a way to get out of this enclosure, the lion was patrolling around the outside.

I decided to give up my meat even though it had cost so much money, but surely my life was worth much more...Mum would understand - EVENTUALLY?!

I threw the meat into the corner on the opposite side of the tiger enclosure and then ran and ran and ran.

Luckily, the lion jumped into the tigers pen and as they were both distracted momentarily I ran like my life depended on it, because it did...

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Day 17 Bonus Activity

Here I am at The Sky Tower in Auckland with my Grandparents.
Mainly tourists visit it, but they serve YUMMY afternoon tea and inside there is a casino and theatre as well as many restaurants (including a revolving one).

Day 17 Activity 2

If I had take someone to the landmarks of New Zealand I would take them to...

  • The Sky Tower in Auckland as it is one of the most iconic sighting in New Zealand, 
  • Mt Cook because it is the tallest mountain in New Zealand, 
  • The Te Puke Kiwifruit, 
  • The Ohakune Carrot and 
  • The Paeroa L&P bottle 

            ...because they are 3 big icons in New Zealand that represent "Kiwiana" which are at the heart of New Zealand.

Image result for kiwiana icons

Day 17 Activity 1

Which landmark would I like to visit and why?

I would visit the Batu Caves because of the amazing history behind them.

It is said that the caves were formed over 400 million years ago...that means that it was probably formed during the Mesozoic Era (the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth!)

Some of the entrances to the cave were used as shelters by the indigenous Temuan people.

Image result for batu caves

Monday, 9 January 2017

Day 16 Bonus Activity

On Waitangi Day (6/2) we don't really do much to celebrate the National Day but we usually spend it as a family (or with friends) and go to the beach and have a BBQ. 

When we lived in Rotorua there would usually be some community Waitangi Day celebrations which we would attend and enjoy.  I remember going to Whakarewarewa Village...

Image result for Whakarewarewa village rotorua

As a family, we have gone to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds where the original document was signed at the treaty house...they also had a replica copy of the document there for you to view because they have the original at the National New Zealand Museum of Te Papa in Wellington.
 Image result

Day 16 Activity 2

Make up a New National Holiday...Malaysia.

If I had to make up a New National Holiday for Malaysia it would be called...             "Kuala Lumpur Day" 

  • You would only get the day off from work if you lived/resided in Kuala Lumpur.
Image result for kuala lumpur
  • You would only be able to eat a meal or drink a drink if it contained Papaya; national fruit of Malaysia.
Image result for papaya

  • You must attend the annual Hibiscus planting ceremony...this only happens on the 17th September.
Image result for hibiscus flower

Day 16 Activity 1

If I was to be at my countries national day (Malaysia - 31/8) what would I see, eat and do?

I would go and see the "Petronas Towers" which is one of the world largest man-made structures standing at 88 stories high and just over 250m.  It is an iconic Malaysian landmark situated in Kuala Lumpur.
Image result for petronas towers

I would eat Nasi Lemak which is the national dish of Malaysia.  It consists of rice cooked in coconut milk, served with meat and vegetables. Yummy!!

Image result for nasi lemak

I would head over to watch a game of  Sepak Takraw which is the national sport of Malaysia.  It is a lot like volleyball except you can't use you must use your feet to make contact with the ball.
Image result for sepak takraw