Thursday, 24 March 2016

Playing the Game

WALT: revise fractions, decimal and percentages.

Today I played the game where we had to match the correct fraction, percentage,decimal and diagram. Once I started getting the hang of it, is was fun and easy. To play this game we had to know how to convert  fractions to percentages and decimals and  then match the diagrams.
The next learning I would like to do is revise short division.


1. What is the meaning of easter

Good Friday is the day when Jesus Christ gave his life for us when he was crucified on the cross that also symbolises the christian culture. After he was crucified he was moved into a tomb which was inside a cave then covered up by a large stone. On Sunday, three days after the death of Jesus his mother and her friend came, and there on top of the stone which ad been moved sat an angle on the stone which had also had moved out off the way. When they both stepped into the grave the body was gone. Later that day he showed him to his followers. So the reason why we celebrate easter for the love that showed Jesus for us we can rejoice and celebrate in his love knowing that we can always ask for forgiveness.

2. Why do we have hot cross buns.

On Good Friday some christians fast or go hungry except for three times a day nine o’clock, twelve o’clock and six o’clock where they have one hot cross bun per day the bread symbolizes the bread of the last supper, the cross on top mean the cross that Jesus was crucified on and sometimes they have raisins which also symbolises the wine that was passed around also during the last supper.

3. What is the reason of easter eggs

Easter eggs symbolizes the tradition of new life the reason why we have them on easter day because that was the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Easter is eggs also show tell a story that life will always rise over and conquer death. The reason why some big eggs are hollow are because it shows the stone of the tomb was moved which is shown by the rapper the reason why it is hollow though is to show that there was no body in the tomb and the cave on the easter egg is the shell.

4. What religious groups do not celebrate easter

There are many religions that celebrate easter but there are also many that don’t some of these include Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism.Some refuse to celebrate them because of the all too common mistaken belief that they were originally pagan. This belief is a result of the reformation when some protestant or puritan groups attacked everything from the Catholic Church, including its festivals, for being unbiblical, devilish or pagan. This was not based on any historical evidence, just on general anti-catholic feelings. They also don’t celebrate it because of their “God”.

download (1).jpgScreenshot 2016-03-14 at 9.23.59 AM.pngdownload (2).jpgImage result for judaism symbolImage result for buddhism symbol

Friday, 18 March 2016

For the last two weeks we have been studying "corn maths." We did a survey to determine what is the most popular way people to do their corn...
I used "create a graph" online to draw a


I found it easy to create the graphs because all you had to do was customize it and add the name of your data and the amount there is. Next I would like to learn how to do a x and y graph.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

    This flipbook is about how to conserve the NZ bird whom are endangered

Friday, 11 March 2016

Native New Zealand Birds

New Zealand Birds

Bird 1: Brown Teal


Brown Teal - photographer: Barbara Hughes
Habitat:Mainly Great Barrier Island, Northland, Coromandel, Most Fresh Waters, Forests and Wetlands
Sound: Brown Teal Sound (Mother And Chicks)

Bird 2: Saddleback

North Island saddleback/tīeke. Photo: Dick Veitch.
Habitat:All saddlebacks are extinct on the mainland, and live either in captivity or on islands. Saddlebacks are found mostly in the middle and lower layers of the forest

Sound: Saddleback in the wild

Bird 3:  New Zealand Pigeon


Image result for nz pigeon

Habitat:Forested areas, particularly where there is pest control

Sound: Sound of a Kereru

Bird 4:Fantail

Image result for fan tail
Habitat:The fantail is widespread throughout New Zealand and its offshore islands, including the Chatham Islands and Snares Islands

Sound: Fantail song

Bird 5:  Whio

Image result for whio

Habitat:They are currently considerably less widespread being limited to the less modified catchments of the Urewera, East Cape and central areas of North Island, and along the West Coast of South Island from Nelson to Fiordland.

Summer Poem


The grass is so green.
The sun is bright.
Life seems a dream.
No worries in sight.

Tans and tank tops,
Laughter and bliss,
Each moment passes,
Without even a miss

Friends and cookouts,
Memories and laughs,
Good times to remember,
But how long will it last

The grass soon fades,
Leaves begin to fall,
School replaces sleepovers,
Oh I'll miss it all

But now I wait
Wait for it all
I just can’t stand it
But right now it is fall

Estimation Activities

We were learning estimation by using parts of a cobs of sweetcorn. The work was puzzling at times but I could complete it. To work out the best estimation we needed to round off  and most of the time we were quite close except for the total amount of kernels where we had 216.  Zane, Ben and I worked well together and we all had to come to agreement with our estimations as they all varied. Next I would like to revise how to convert decimals to percentages and fractions.  

Tiritiri Matangi Island in 30 words

We had to write a recount about our trip to Tiritiri Matangi Island... but we could only use 30 words! 

Saturday, 5 March 2016


Hello Harrison

Welcome to you NEW Blog.  Enjoy publishing all your learning here.  Start blogging now!