Monday, 1 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week 2 Day 5 Activity 1

In this activity I had to imagine that I was going to plan a VE day celebration party...

The celebration that I would to are

  • I would invite all of my friends and put out an advertisement for war veterans to celebrate VE day
  • I would also have nice food and drink  


Nicky Bloy said...

Kia ora Harrison!

Great ideas! I think it's awesome that you would invite war veterans to come and celebrate with you - that's very thoughtful. I'd love to know more about your day - where would you have have it? What kind of activities? Or would it just be a chilled out day in sun?

Yum! Food and drink is always a good idea, and a great way to bring people together! What kind of food and drink? I'm thinking a BBQ with all the finest meats and some salads... What do you think?

Nicky :)

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