Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week 3 Day 2 Activity 2

In this activity I had to learn three interesting facts about the Beatles 1964 tour of New Zealand...

1. One girl badly hurt her leg from trying to climb the wire fence.
2. The people were trying to get over the wire fence so badly that a group of 30 police had to come and try calm them down, while also seeing that the fence was about to collapse.
3. Teen age girls pushed over police motorbikes and the beatles car was pushed backwards even with the hand brake on.


Heather Collins said...

Nanny NZ and Auntie Julie saw The Beatles when they came in 1964, and recently went to see Paul McCartney when he toured in December.

Nicky Bloy said...

Hi Harrison!

It sounds like the Beatles tour was pretty hectic! My dad used to always play their album "1" around the house and in the car when I was younger and so I learned to love them! It's crazy to think people would get that excited over a band, though, that they would need 30 police officers to control the chaos!

Who is your favourite band at the moment?

Nicky :)

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