Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week 3 Day 1 Activity 2

In this activity we had to pick the three most popular names from the 1950's and also from our school...

At my school (Glen Innes School) the only name that is used out of the list to my knowledge in John. Surprisingly there are no their names from the list that are used at my school... or at least none to my knowledge.


Cadence said...

Kia Ora Harrison!

I agree, John is a very popular name! I know way too many Johns! The names don’t have to be from that list. Can you think of a name that many students at your school have?

For example: I’m a teacher so I meet lots of students. Two names I always come across are Caitlin and Zac. Sometimes they are spelt differently but I’m sure I know more than 10 different Zachary’s and Caitlin’s. :D

I look forward to hearing your answer :)

Cadence :)

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