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Winter Learning Journey Day 5 Activity 2

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Richie McCaw was born in Oamaru, New Zealand on 31st December, 1980. 

He is famous because he has played for the All Blacks at four different Rugby World Cups, three of which he captained and two of which he led the team to win. 

Not only has he played for the All Blacks, but he also played for the Super Franchise Team The Crusaders (based in Christchurch) from 2001 - 2015.  He has also played for Canterbury in many provincial rugby tournaments and charity matches.


Nicky Bloy said...

Hey Harrison!

This is some great information on one of New Zealand's great legends!

Have you seen his movie "Chasing Great"? I watched it earlier this year and I found it incredibly inspirational. I don't even play rugby and I could relate to his story of the journey to achieving great things through hard work and perseverance. I hope you get the chance to watch it if you haven't!

Nicky :)

Harrison said...

Hello Nicky

Thank you for the positive reinforcement...

I have watched "Chasing Great", I went to the cinema with my Dad to watch it when it first came out. It just amazes me how all the way from childhood to retirement Ritchie had honest grit, true determination and unmeasurable perseverance to follow his calling. I also liked the way the documentation was of his whole journey including personal family memories from before the start of his All Blacks career right the way through to his retirement...and all of the 148 test matches in between.

Also, it really inspired me to start playing rugby again as I quit halfway through last year. The club that I was with at the time didn't have "coaching methods" that I agreed with...and so I decided to take the season out. However, now I am with an awesome club, playing up a grade in my favourite position and I have got my love back for the game so now I play and train come rain or shine.

My Dad and I were fortunate enough to get tickets to the final Lions test and even though the match was a draw the atmosphere inside Eden Park was so electrifying and intense. It is one of those experiences that I will never be able to forget, or truly put into words! Did you watch the game? What was your reaction when the final whistle blew? In the stadium people didn't know whether to laugh or cry!!! Dad and I were both winners thou as we supported opposing teams...

Thanks once again

Nicky Bloy said...

Hi Harrison!

Thanks for such a nice reply! I love hearing about you guys though your blogs!

Yes absolutely, it is definitely something to aspire to. I have big goals that I want to achieve in my life and so it gave me some inspiration and determination to know that anyone can do it if you have the right attitude and as Nike says, "Just Do It"... I am in my final year at university at the moment and it can sometimes be hard to persevere and see the end when you have been studying for so long (5 years!). But I know that when I finish, I can start thinking about the bigger things I want to do.

Sometimes you do need to take some time out if you don't agree with something. I think it's more important to stop and start again when you;re ready rather than carry on when it's not good for you! That's awesome - I hope that you really enjoy your new rugby season and continue to love it!

Yes, I watched the game at home with some friends! Very cool that you got to go to the game - I can only imagine what the experience was like. I used to want rugby almost every weekend with my dad as he is a massive supporter, mainly of the All Blacks and Crusaders (we are from Christchurch), but he will watch any game because he loves it! He's the kind of supporter that yells at the TV!

We were all a little bit quiet and unsatisfied afterwards as a draw was obviously not the ideal outcome, but nevertheless, it was good to watch. Although, I had a little bit of a laugh because my friends are so passionate about it and sometimes I think it's funny when they get so worked up about it because to me it's not quite so important haha...

Have a great weekend!


Harrison said...

My Grandad is a TV shouter...and even thou he is 12000 miles away I'm sure I could here him in Eden Park on the night of the final test!

Nicky Bloy said...

Hey Harrison,

Ha! That's awesome - so much passion!


daniel said...

Hi Harrison
Your facts about Richie McCaw are great. He's probably one of the best All Black's captains ever. Keep up the good work.

jolie said...

Kia Ora Harrison

I am amazed by youre work. Youre facts about Richie Mccaw are really interesting. I had no idea that Richie Mccaw was born in 1980. Have a great holiday and see you term 3 :)


Limiteti @ Glen Innes School said...

Hi Harrison,

Your facts were so amazing, half of the things you had written down I didn't even know. Keep up the great work!

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