Thursday, 29 December 2016

Day 8 Activity 2

Summer Activities
  1. BBQ - eating outside
  2. Kayaking out at sea
  3. Go Swimming
  4. Go to "music" or "movies" in the park
  5. Chill out


Unknown said...

Nice. I also like those things. I also like hiking and camping! Camping next to a beach is the the best!

Keep up the great work.


Harrison said...

I like camping, although Mum likes Glamping...

I go camping with my scout group. Were you ever in Scouts/Cubs/Keas? I've been in all 3 and my Dad is a leader called Moa (big dumb bird) or Bagheera (storyteller) depending upon which group we are with.

Unknown said...

Interesting haha!

Sadly I was never in those clubs, but I was taught bush survival skills in primary school when I lived in Mt. Maunganui for a few years growing up. I was more interested in martial arts at your age, so that is what I did.

Harrison said...

Naa in martial arts you can get hurt and I am not very found of it

Unknown said...

Fair enough.

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