Sunday, 24 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey Day 5 Bonus Activity

In this activity I had to write up some questions to ask the olympic gold medalist boxer Bill Kini...

If I has the chance to interview Bill Kini I would ask him...
  • What inspired you to participate in rugby and boxing?
  • What was the average timing of your training?
  • What motivated you to never give up?
  • What was the best experience yet?


Vedel @ Glen Innes School said...

Hi Harrison
Merry Christmas. What fantastic work you have done... Theses questions are so awesome.. If you were Bill Kini, which question would you find the hardest to answer??

Billy said...

Hey there Harrison, my name is Billy from the Summer Learning Journey.
You've written some tremendous questions to ask Bill Kini. I like the way you have organised your questions with bullet points too.
My favourite question would have to be the third question about his motivation. I love this question because it's hard to say what his answer will be. You never know what he might say. This could lead to a really good interview.

Great job and keep up the awesome blogging!

nastazia @ Glen Innes school said...

Cool Harrison

I like your tremendous questions keep up the work .

jolie said...

Hola Harrison

Amazing work!! Your questions are very interesting and awesome. Quick question,How long did it take to do this activity?

Aletheia FIFITA! said...

Greetings Harrison,

My name is Aletheia and I got to Tamaki Primary School and I am also doing the summer learning journey and have already finished.So Harrison I really enjoy reading your 4 questions to ask Bill which was very interesting and outstanding.I really enjoyed it when you had bullet points for your readers to know what you 4 questions to Bill was.

Nice Job Harrison.

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