Monday, 16 October 2017

Maths 16 October 2017

Today in Maths we were learning about time. In particular the International Dateline and the International Timeline. We had to find out what they were and if they are the same thing.

The international date line is an imaginary line that is drawn down the side of the earth, it does not touch a single country so it is not a straight line. When you cross over the international date line you go into another day... for example if you to a three-hour flight from New Zealand to Rarotonga then you would be 23 hours that means that it would be a completely different day. If it was 12:00 pm Monday the 16th of October in New Zealand then it would be 1:00 pm Sunday 15th in Rarotonga.

The international timeline is longitude lines that run up and down the globe. There are 360 longitude lines in the world, however, to make it easier one-time zone is made up 10 lines. The 0 degrees longitude line runs through a place called Greenwich which is located in England. This zone in the central point of time that is why international time is called Greenwich time. New Zealand is 12-time zones ahead in England so therefor it is 12 hours ahead.


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