Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Basic Facts-31/10/17

Today I sat a prototec basic facts test. It was a stage 8 timed test and I got 100%. I have3 made acceleration considering that last time I sat a basic facts test i only got 62% on a stage 7 timed. As i achieve the highest mark possible I can't exactly go any higher so as long as I stay at a 100% stage 8.


Huntah @ Glen Innes School said...

Kia Ora Harrison
I am really impressed with the score you have got in prototec. I have also done my test but I did stage 7 and I got 90%. What kind of subject in maths do you struggle with?

alicia said...

Kia Ora Harrison,

I am really delighted with the score you have achieved. Although we both know what happened. It seems you know everything like percentages e.t.c. Do you still struggle with some things related to maths?

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