Thursday, 26 October 2017

Making Pancakes using the Scientific Method

Today in science we made pancakes to show evidence of a chemical change. We followed the scientific method. Which is; ask a question, make a hypothesis/guess, conduct an experiment, collect the data, analyze the information report the results. To start off we had to ask a question, my question was"Why does this mixture chemically change the way it does?" Not only did we have to ask a question we also had to hypothesize what would happen, my hypothesis was "When the batter gets heated up it will expand and solidify " which was correct!

To start off we mixed all of the ingredients together, then we pour the batter into a frying pan. Immediately you could see signs off a chemical change. After waiting for a while you could see that the batter was starting to bubble, this means that it was starting to release gas, it was also changing color from a pasty, white batter to a light brown, it was also giving off immense amounts of heat.


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