Friday, 13 January 2017

Day 20 Activity 1

What meal would I have when I return?

When I returned to New Zealand I would ask for some good old fish and chips (with mushy peas!), a strawberry and chocolate lamington slice served with goody-gum drops and hokey pokey ice cream coated in manuka honey with a large glass of L&P.

How kiwi (with a touch of British) am I?! LOL...

If that wasn't available then I'd settle for a HUGE serving of Mum's fish pie followed by a slice of her awesome banoffee pie...


Unknown said...

Hi Harrison!

I have been reading and enjoying all of your Summer Learning Journey blog posts this holiday. They are so entertaining and informative!

Both Mark and I have actually been found chuckling away in our office as we've been reading one of your posts. They are just awesome and today is no exception!

I must admit that you do sound very British in your tastes (!) but that is not a bad thing?! I, too, love good 'ole Fish 'n Chips, lamingtons and hokey pokey ice cream.

It sounds like you've really lucked in with a mom who makes fish pie and awesome Banoffee pie. I also have a mom who is a great baker and I grew up savouring all of her dessert treats. She made the most amazing lemon meringue pie, apple pie, double chocolate brownies and vanilla cake. Yum!

I hope that you have enjoyed your journey as much as we have enjoyed reading about it. You have certainly earned yourself a (real) treat meal, I reckon!

Thanks for being such a fabulous contributor to this programme.

Rachel :)

Unknown said...

Hi Harrison,

I really concur with Rachel. It has been awesome getting to know you. I've already written a longer congratulations on your activity 2, so I'll just sign off here with a huge...


I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays!


Harrison said...

Thanks Mark...

Jaedah said...

Hi Harrison, me again. I loved this task. I think that the answer would be Mum's fish Pie & Banoffee Pie. Here is a link to my blog.

Blog you later;)

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