Monday, 9 January 2017

Day 16 Activity 1

If I was to be at my countries national day (Malaysia - 31/8) what would I see, eat and do?

I would go and see the "Petronas Towers" which is one of the world largest man-made structures standing at 88 stories high and just over 250m.  It is an iconic Malaysian landmark situated in Kuala Lumpur.
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I would eat Nasi Lemak which is the national dish of Malaysia.  It consists of rice cooked in coconut milk, served with meat and vegetables. Yummy!!

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I would head over to watch a game of  Sepak Takraw which is the national sport of Malaysia.  It is a lot like volleyball except you can't use you must use your feet to make contact with the ball.
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Mark Barlow said...

Oh! I have seen this game! It is very popular in parts of Asia, and there are lots of different versions!

It looks very cool. I quite like the Petronas Towers as well, they're quite beautiful. Do you like architecture too? What other buildings in the world might you like to see? (I don't need a huge list, just curious!)

Kia kaha, Harrison!


Harrison said...
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Mark Barlow said...

Ah yes. Those are all interesting. I have only seen the Opera House, but it is beautiful. I hope to see the pyramids too.

Keep up the great work.


Harrison said...

Thanks Mark...

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