Thursday, 12 January 2017

Day 19 Activity 2

Favourite weird vehicles...

I realy like the hover-board because you always see and hear people fantasizing about using one just like they do in movies and books.  They're also in my all time favourite time traveling movie "Back To The Future".
Image result for hoverboard

Image result for hoverboard back to the future

I also liked the Segway because it is an easy way to get around and if you feel like you are going too can just change the speed by leaning. They also just look really cool!
Image result for Segway
They are both quite similar actually!!!


Mark Barlow said...

Those are very cool. Personally I like the one wheeled electronic scooter. Those are cool to me, but I looked them up the other day and they are also very expensive. Over $1000! I could buy so many cool parts for my motorbike for that much, so I won't buy one haha!


Harrison said...

Thanks Mark...

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