Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Day 18 Activity 1

I had just entered the zoo when all of a sudden, I saw a lion on the loose! PANIC ran through my mind as my heart beat fast!!!! I ran../but unfortunately I was wearing a backpack full of ham, lamb, pork and chicken because it was just one of those coincidence days.

I decided to jump into one of the nearby pens to try and stay safe, but what I didn't do was check which enclosure I was seeking safety within...just my luck, it was the tiger's cage!

When I turned around to leave there was already a tiger guarding the exit and even if I did find a way to get out of this enclosure, the lion was patrolling around the outside.

I decided to give up my meat even though it had cost so much money, but surely my life was worth much more...Mum would understand - EVENTUALLY?!

I threw the meat into the corner on the opposite side of the tiger enclosure and then ran and ran and ran.

Luckily, the lion jumped into the tigers pen and as they were both distracted momentarily I ran like my life depended on it, because it did...


Mark Barlow said...

Kia ora Harrison!

I hope you didn't think you could get rid of me by finishing the SLJ, because I'm still going to comment on everything you've done haha!

This is a great story. I really liked the ending, I can just imagine you dead-panning that last "because it did".

Tino Pai!


Harrison said...

Thanks Mark...

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