Thursday, 5 January 2017

Day 15 Activity 1

Wassily Kandinsky: Swimming

  • I don't like this painting because the first thing I noticed was it was named Swimming...but I don't see anything that relates to swimming?!  All I see is a load of multi-coloured shapes squashed together...the closest thing that I see, that is even remotely related to swimming, is a blue strip that looks a bit like water if you had to find something.

  • If I could buy this painting I would give it to my parents because they like abstract paintings (They have 2 paintings already by Mark Rothko) so I think that they would really like it.  It would actually compliment theirs and would lovely in their lounge area...or in the bathroom as it's called swimming?!
Image result for wassily kandinsky swimming


Mark Barlow said...

Hi Harrison,

I'm sure you already know that Kandinsky was a pioneer when it came to abstract art, which is.. well... abstract. I believe it is painted to evoke a feeling rather than to show you something specific. This painting is call swinging, but at the same time that is about as relevant to swimming, so no biggie haha.

I wonder what it would be like to own. It looks like it has some lovely colours.

Keep up the solid effort. Your blog posts are always a delight to read.


Harrison said...

LOL....I thought it was a bit odd!! Swinging or Swimming I still don't get it!

Mark Barlow said...

Haha, #abstract

Harrison said...

I know what even does abstract mean.

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