Thursday, 5 January 2017

Day 14 Activity 1

If I was the Prime Minister of New Zealand the 3 rules that I would make would be;

  1. Prices of every item in New Zealand would be slashed by half for everyone who worked and paid taxes.
  2. You would be legally entitled to have your birthday off it fell on a work/school day.
  3. Every school would have a water slide for free use inclusive of water costs and provision of togs and towels.


Mark Barlow said...

Kia ora Harrison! I really like the second one. It is really cool. But what would you do if none of your friends could take the day off with you?

And awesome water slide idea. I'd sign up for that one.

Keep up the great work.


Harrison said...
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Harrison said... see what I didn't mention is that you can pick one person to take the day off with you and you then choose what to do and whatever you choose it's free but only on your birthday.

Mark Barlow said...

Oh that would be better. Okay continue with your plans, Prime Minister.

Harrison said...

Thanks Mark...

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