Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Day 13 Activity 1

#3.  Sorry
#3.  Baby
#3.  Love Yourself

I decided to put all of Justin Bieber's songs in the worst position because in my opinion Justin Bieber is a manufactured artist with very low morals. 

The only reason why he is so "popular" is because people are addicted to social media and therefore believe everything that is said on it.

For example, a facebook status states that...

"Justin Bieber has just been declared the world's greatest musical artist of all time by The Daily Mail."

A manufactured/photo-shopped "picture" of an evidential international poll is placed alongside the TRUE information and then everyone who likes Justin Bieber seconds the FACT that he is the world's greatest musical artist of all time...CRAZY! 

He also is not very polite, well mannered and respectful to his fans within the context of his concerts and performance times by keeping them waiting for so long before performing and then using vulgar language whilst on stage but hey this is only my opinion, what's yours?


Mark Barlow said...

Hi Harrison,

I think you're right about how rude he is. Unfortunately Justin has been raised in showbiz since he was small, this has had an effect on his personality that isn't very positive. I'm not going to degrade him or his lifestyle as we are all products of our own circumstances, but I think he would benefit from going to University and learning more about how people who are not super-rich live.

Keep up the great critical thinking.


Harrison said...

Hi Mark
I agree that as Justin has been surrounded by showbiz for the majority of his childhood has had a huge effect of personal.

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