Thursday, 5 January 2017

Day 15 Activty 2

Living 100 years ago as a kid...

If I had to leave school at the age of 12 I think that I would feel a bit weird because you grow up going through the same routine of going to school every day then all of a sudden you change your routine from going to school to working everyday.

At 12 are you capable of working and providing for those who rely on you...I have enough trouble doing my chores!  I want to enjoy my childhood for as long as I can, so I am very happy to not have to leave school in September...

I would feel quite cross if I have to leave school...I dont know EVERYTHING yet!


Mark Barlow said...

Hmmmmm that is interesting isn't it.

Hi Harrison, haha, I don't think one can ever know everything. Though if you are like me you'll certainly have a lot of random facts stored up in your head.

I think life in those days was a bit simpler.

Cheers for the good answer,


Harrison said...

Thanks Mark...

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