Thursday, 5 January 2017

Day 15 Bonus Activity

Facts about the Gallipoli the Scale of Our War

  • The ANZAC'S didn't have any hand grenades so they made home-made ones out of jam jars. They had the explosives (which they used from their bullets) on the inside and sharp points on the outside (because it is not the explosion that kills, but the shrapnel which inflicts the most damage). They would also have a fuse sticking into it and they would light the fuse, throw it and run like their lives depended on it...mostly because it did!
  • All of the ANZAC'S were volunteers, aged averagely 19.  There was 70,000 men who went into battle of which 18,500 died and nearly 50,000 were wounded; only 2.2% came back it is questionable whether they survived though!
  • In the week leading up to Christmas of 1914 (World War 1) there was a truce called between the fighting enemies and peace reigned on the battlefield for a short while...some even met in "no-mans-land" for a friendly game of football and festive carol singing.


Mark Barlow said...

Hi there Harrison, this is really well done, I just had some trouble understanding that second statistic you gave, so I looked it up.

It turns out there have been some better estimates made of how many kiwis died at Galipoli, so please feel free to have a read.

I hope you're having a great day,


Harrison said...

What I meant by the 2.2% was that they were
"un-harmed" but they weren't really were they? Data is rounded for ease of reporting

Mark Barlow said...

Oh I see, just a typo. All good then! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to reading the next one, which I have up on my screen... right... now.


Iisa said...

Hi Harrison,
This is really well done! The scale of war never ceases to amaze me. Thankfully we had such willing people who were ready to fight for our country!

Keep it up!

Harrison said...

Thanks Lisa...

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