Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey Day 2 Activity 1

In this activity, I had to read articles about a wharepuni and compare them to a modern-day house. A wharepuni and modern-day houses and similar and different in many different ways. Some of the ways that they are similar are that they are built to last a long time and for people to live/sleep in. Another way that they are similar is not by use but by the look of them from the outside a wharepuni and a home look very similar. Contrary to what I just said is the fact that they are completely different on the inside. Inside a wharepuni is a large open space where everyone just sleeps. This is because in a traditional Maori village there a building for other things such as cooking. Where in a modern day household there are bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens all in one place.


Vedel @ Glen Innes School said...

Hey Harrison
Wow, you done so much differences and similarities. They are really interesting and I learnt a lot from reading this.. Would you want to live in a wharepuni and why??

sarah Glen Innes School said...

Hey Harrison
Fabolous Work! Wow your work just keeps on getting better and better. What was your favourite part about this task?

Ruby SLJ said...

Hi Harrison,

Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team. It's great to see that you've been working through these activities. Well done!

Good work with this activity. There are a lot of differences between a wharepuni and modern day houses. But I can see that you've also found some similarities. Well done.
One of the differences I had was that the roof of a wharepuni is made from thatch and my houses roof is made from tiles. Do you know what thatch is?

I look forward to reading more of your blog over summer.

Harrison said...

Hello Vedel
Thank you for taking your time to comment on my blog. I wouldn't want to live in a wharepuni.The reason being that the only thing in a wharepuni is a place to sleep.

Harrison said...

Hey Sarah
Thanks for your comment. My favrioute part of this activity was learning what wharepuni is

Harrison said...
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Harrison said...

Hello Ruby
Thank you for taking time to comment on my blog. I do believe that a thatched roof is a roof made out of vegetable straw.

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