Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Day 12 Activity 2

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My favorite TV show right now is Masterchef Australia. It is an amateur cooking show to find the best home cook in all of Australia.  It is shown over an 8 week period and airs every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7:00pm or 7:30pm on TV One.

There are 3 judges (George, Matt and Gary) who eat their way through the contestants food from a variety of genres and occasionally there are guest chefs from around the world.  
Image result for masterchef australia judges If the contestant wins the challenge...sometime they get a major advantage which might lead to an immunity pin.  However, they can also be eliminated from the show altogether, if they lose the elimination challenge.

The prize consists of a lots of cooking stuff, a cookery book and a section in one of Australia's top food magazines.


Mark Barlow said...

Hi again Harrison!

This is an excellent summary of your favourite show. Once again showing your skills as a writer.

Keep up that fantastic effort.


Harrison said...

Thanks Mark yeah Masterchef is really quite cool and this week is finals week so I cant wait to see who is going to win.

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