Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey Day 4 Bonus Activity

I think we should stop fishing at Farewell Spit because...

  • Illegally under-sized native fish are being caught in the area and marine food supplies/stocks are being diminished. 
  • Hector dolphins are being killed and captured in the fishing nets and boat propellers which has led to a dramatic decline in the population of Hector's dolphins; there are now only around 7,000. 
In this picture a baby dolphin was killed by someone's boat propeller...

  • Farewell Split is a sacred place for the Maori people where they believe the "spirit" of a dead person leaves the land and I believe that it should therefore be respected.


jolie said...
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jolie said...

Kia Ora Harrison

You're post is very very sad. Especially the photo of the baby hector dolphin. I agree with you people should stop fishing at farewell spit. Keep up the great work my friend :)

Moana @ Glen Innes School said...

Hi Harrison,
I like your post because you listed more than one reason why fishing in Farewell should be banned. This post is very sad but creative. Keep It Up!

Harrison said...

Hello Moana
Thank You for your positive reinforcement. WHat is your stance on this situation?

Harrison said...

Hello Jolie
Thank You for your positive reinforcement. What do you think the government should do to stop this?

jolie said...

Kia Ora Harrison

Thank you for writing back. I think the government should put no fishing signs everywhere at Farewell Spit.

Harrison said...

Hello Jolie

Thankyou for all of your positive comments.

Harrison said...

So, if we (Jolie, Moana and I) get together maybe we could write to the government explaining what we think they should do...?

Vedel @ Glen Innes School said...

Hey Harrison
I really like your reasons they are really strong
Keep up the great work

Nicky Bloy said...

Hi Harrison!

In reading your blog post I have learned some new things! I didn't know that illegally under-sized native fish are being caught in the area as well - that's even more reason to stop! Your picture also just shows how detrimental this is for the Hector Dolphin population... Do you know how many there used to be before it decreased to only 7,000?

Awesome work Harrison!

jolie said...

Kia Ora Harrison

I think that is a awesome idea :)

daniel said...

Hi Harrison
I think that fishing in Farewell spit should be banned - those poor dolphins are getting killed. Keep up the amazing work.

Limiteti @ Glen Innes School said...

Hi Harrison,

I agree with you, fishing at Farewell split should be banned! I love the way you gave us strong reasons for your belief, keep up the great work!

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