Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Day 12 Bonus Activity

What Now.
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What Now is a kids television show that airs live every Sunday on TV2 from 8am - 10am. There are three hosts and currently they are Chris Kirk, Ronnie Taulofa and Bianca Seinafo.

It has been running on TVNZ since 1981, and returns on Sunday 12th February 2017.

What Now is a magazine-show where they have a mix of celebrities, competitions, entertainment and GUNGE!!!

Gunge is a basically a runny slime and on What Now it is either ho\w they say goodbye to someone or eliminate them from a competition.

When we lived in Rotorua there was a live event down at the museum and you could see me on TV! It was a special event that they used to do every single week, they would go around New Zealand so fans could participate in challenges without even having to be in the recording studio which is in Christchurch.  

There was also a Scavenger Hunt across the whole of NZ where they would pick 10-15 places (bakeries, dairies etc.) and announce their location live on TV.  If you got there within 15 minutes, said a "password" (supplied from the announcement) to the WHAT NOW person at the location, you would get a prize...once they had a scavenger hunt at one of the bakeries in Rotorua and my brother and I jumped into Dad's truck and we both got a milkie snack bar.
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Mark Barlow said...

That is an awesome story Harrison!

I'm not sure if it's on anymore but there used to be a show on TV called Squirt and my brother and I sent in a really lame joke, and they said it on air!

It was quite funny.

I mostly enjoyed watching the cartoons on What Now, but I am not sure if they do it anymore. Do you know?

Cheers for the great blog,


Harrison said...

No they dont do the cartoons any more but they do lots of skits and competitions with load of gunge.

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