Wednesday, 13 April 2016



One day Sheperd the Cat was on a sidewalk went he smelt something,
“What is that?” Shepherd wondered
“It smells like, catnip!” Then Shepherd bolted he loved the smell of catnip. He kept on sniffing the air getting closer every step then he saw it it was under a tree. Nearly a kilo of it. He just dived right in and started paying, he decided to he wanted to climb up the tree and dive into the catnip he was ready he leaped, set himself up for the dive,
“SWOOSH”  it was perfect though he thought he heard something click but before he could figure out what had happened a cage dropped over him and he was trapped. Then three men in white suits appeared picked up the cage with Shepherd inside and walked to a white car opened up the boot a chucked the cage in. Following that they slammed the boot shut and drove away.

Shepherd had no clue where they were taking him but every so often he could hear the men talking.
“That cat was so stupid, how could he think that someone would just leave a whole kilo of catnip just lying there in the middle of nowhere” said one of the men.
“Yeah” agreed the other two men. Finally the car stopped and the men got out of the car, picked up Shepherd and carried him into a plant pot factory. But when they walked inside Shepherd saw that it was something completely different there was chemicals lining one wall and one the other millions of cages with all sort of animals such as dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and turtles. “Put him on the bench and get ready with the flame and radiation because if we are going to do this we have to do this right” one of the men said.

Shepherd saw the men rush away after about 30 minutes the men returned he saw that they had a bottle of green stuff and a box of matches. They picked up the cage that Shepherd was still in and put him on a stand inside a room that looked like it was made from glass, they put him down and lit the green stuff one fire with a wooden stick or something green smoke filled the air but then the wood that lit the green stuff on fire caught on fire it’s self. The fire traveled up the stick and burnt the rest of the building down which was also very flammable. Shepherd thought that he was going to die but before he could finish this thought fell into a deep sleep. When he woke up he was amazed that he was alive there was a hole in his cage just big enough to get through he jumped through the whole but instead of hitting the ground paws first he hovered in the air, and for some reason he wanted to try and walk in mid-air but instead of walking he flew
“I can fly” He paused for a while then noticed “I can talk, Yo puedo hablar, Ek kan praat, Je peux parler, I can speak in different languages!” Then he blinked and when he opened his eyes lasers shot out!
“I can shoot lasers from my eyes, how did I get all of these cool powers?” He wondered.
“It must of been that green smoke” he thought as he flew through the air heading back to civilisation.       

When he got back to civilisation he heard someone scream he, followed the noise to Glen Innes Primary School where they were under attack by a robotic duck. Shepherd knew what to do he just to flick the off switch but he didn’t know where it was. So he flew on top of it to the side of it and underneath it the only other place it could be was up his nose but he didn’t know which nostril to go up either way it would be super gross. Shepherd decided to right he set himself up and just flew up as fast a he could trying not to tough and snot or boogers or anything else in their. When he got to the top he looked around luckily he picked it right and the switch was there he flicked it and the duck shut down. Everyone was saved.

Glen Innes Primary School cheered and clapped for Shepherd. At the next assembly they revealed a statue of Shepherd which was going to be put one show in the office area. But that was Shepherd first adventure of many, his next mission was trying to find an owner...

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Pesky Weeds

This is a Flipbook that explains a few pesky weeds in Glen Innes and how to get rid of them.