Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Day 17 Activity 2

If I had take someone to the landmarks of New Zealand I would take them to...

  • The Sky Tower in Auckland as it is one of the most iconic sighting in New Zealand, 
  • Mt Cook because it is the tallest mountain in New Zealand, 
  • The Te Puke Kiwifruit, 
  • The Ohakune Carrot and 
  • The Paeroa L&P bottle 

            ...because they are 3 big icons in New Zealand that represent "Kiwiana" which are at the heart of New Zealand.

Image result for kiwiana icons


Mark Barlow said...

Hi Harrison,

I really liked your ideas for places to visit. I have a friend from Germany coming over soon. I want to take him to Waiheke, Waiwera, and Lake Wainamu.

And maybe the Coromandel if we have time.


Harrison said...

Go to's my favourite place in the Coromandel and if you get a chance go to WATERWORKS.

Mark Barlow said...

Hi Harrison! Wow I had no idea that place existed! If my friends had children I would definitely take them to waterworks!

I hope you've had a great weekend! I am happy to say I am back and ready to comment on more blogs!


Harrison said...

Thanks Mark...

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