Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How to change the world

How do you change the world? Well even though it may not seem like you can do much, but there is a huge range of thing that you can do help make the world a better place. You can make a difference one the physical world and also to people just be doing the little things. Such as picking up litter that you dropped, be friendly and just be an all-around nice person.

The world is just your world as it is someone else’s, so whenever you are drop something on the ground that doesn't just affect you it also affects the world because you never know what could happen. One piece of rubbish could drift off into the sea and kill a bird or a fish and then if over 7 billion people all drop a piece of rubbish that drifts into the sea that could be all of the world's population of fish and seabirds gone, wiped from existence. Also, you don't need to waste vital equipment like power, water and also petrol. Did you know that over 10,000 kilowatts are used every day to power on home, if we keep one going like this who know what will happen, hey but that is just the world what about people themselves what can we do as humans to make the world better for one another.

Well, human are the biggest life source on the planet so it would make sense that we could do something help each over out every once in awhile. If we complement each over every day of just being friendly for that matter the world would be a lot happier if everyone got along and stopped bickering with each over every single day. The world would also be a nicer place if there was no discrimination against culture, the colour of skin, beliefs or religion, age, gender, career, intellect, physicality, race or wrong doings, if none of that was in the world we may have a perfect word. Also when growing up parents always remind their kids about using their manors but then when the children are grown up and their parent don't tell them what to do the don’t use manors in many situations. Now you may be thinking if I am so busy then how can I do anything?

Well, the truth is that if you do lots of little things you can change the world in a big way. All you need to do is get focused one on thing put your mind to it and go for it even, if you can change one little thing every day then you will have 1 big thing in every week, then one huge thing in a fortnight, then a massive thing in a move and finally a gigantic thing in a year and all you need to do is, do little things every single day.

Therefore, in conclusion, you can make a big difference to change the world just by being you all doing the right thing for the earth, the people and also the wildlife. All you need is a will to do it without complaining, a positive attitude, and also a kind heart that wants to save the world.  Remember that you can make a difference all you have to do is CHANGE THE WORLD…


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