Friday, 11 March 2016

Native New Zealand Birds

New Zealand Birds

Bird 1: Brown Teal


Brown Teal - photographer: Barbara Hughes
Habitat:Mainly Great Barrier Island, Northland, Coromandel, Most Fresh Waters, Forests and Wetlands
Sound: Brown Teal Sound (Mother And Chicks)

Bird 2: Saddleback

North Island saddleback/tīeke. Photo: Dick Veitch.
Habitat:All saddlebacks are extinct on the mainland, and live either in captivity or on islands. Saddlebacks are found mostly in the middle and lower layers of the forest

Sound: Saddleback in the wild

Bird 3:  New Zealand Pigeon


Image result for nz pigeon

Habitat:Forested areas, particularly where there is pest control

Sound: Sound of a Kereru

Bird 4:Fantail

Image result for fan tail
Habitat:The fantail is widespread throughout New Zealand and its offshore islands, including the Chatham Islands and Snares Islands

Sound: Fantail song

Bird 5:  Whio

Image result for whio

Habitat:They are currently considerably less widespread being limited to the less modified catchments of the Urewera, East Cape and central areas of North Island, and along the West Coast of South Island from Nelson to Fiordland.


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