Friday, 6 May 2016

Order of operations game

WALHT: use the order of operations- BEDMAS to solve problems.
We did an activity online ( The Order Of Operations Millionaire Game).The questions on the online game were very easy to begin with but got harder as they progressed.The hardest bit was when the questions got harder the and the time got shorter so you really had get it right or you will fail and lose the amount of points that you were trying to earn. I would really like to recap or revise short division soon.


Kane said...

Hi my name is Kane good work on you

jazire @ glen innes school said...

You have done an excellent job Harrison.
I am surprised you got that far in the game. I would love to see you use your brain for something else. Congratulations.

siunipa said...
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siunipa said...

Wow Harrison great work on the math's game I hope you can keep it up and great job and congratulations.

Vedel @ Glen Innes School said...

Hi Harrison, You must be proud of yourself and so is your mum. Well Done.

alicia said...

WOW good work harrison on achieving your goal. You must be proud of yourself and your mum must be.


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