Sunday, 21 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week 4 Day 5 Activity 1

If I think about my future after graduating high school I see my self...

Working and trying to get as much money as possible to go on a trip back to England to visit friends and family. After my trip to England I would come back to New Zealand and study criminal or tax law at the University of Auckland.


Clare Brink said...

Ata Marie Harrison.

Clare here again from the Summer Learning Journey, I can see you have put much thought into this post as you have shared your goals for the future.
Now I know you are from England - Where abouts in England are you from? Im sure you miss your family and friends there so very much. I lived in England when I was young, I was born in NZ and my family moved their for a few years.
Travelling is really fun and important to do as it makes you see more of the world and teachers you things you would not otherwise learn.

What made you want to study Criminal or Tax Law at Auckland Uni? This would be a very interesting job to have and Im sure you would have to work very hard at study in order to achieve this qualification. Do you know anyone in these careers that you can talk with and ask some very important questions to?

I enjoy reading your blog posts and find them very interesting. Keep up the Learn, Create and Sharing you are doing.


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