Sunday, 21 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week 3 Day 4 Activity 1

From what I can remember the film Moana is about...

A young, adventurous girl by the name of Moana who sets sail on a dangerous mission to save her people. Mid-way through her voyage she meets a demi-god by the name of Maui. As they continue on their voyage to Te Feti where their goal is to restore its heart the was once stolen by Maui himself. They come across many challenges including Te Feti herself who has now become a lava monster filled with rage over her stolen heart. After a long journey, Moana finally restores Te Feti's heart and peace is brought tot eh once raged monster.


Hazel - Uru Manuka said...

Kia Ora Harrison,

You have written a great summary of Moana, and included a lot of information. Well done!

I am interested to know what you thought of the film. Did you enjoy it? What was your favourite song? Sometimes when people review books/films/TV shows, they say who they would recommend it to. Who would you recommend Moana to?

I only saw Moana recently for the first time and I loved it! It's hard to choose, but I think that my favourite song would have to be Shiny. I thought it was very funny.

I hope that you've enjoyed doing the Summer Learning Journey!

Hazel :)

jolie said...

Kia Ora Harrison

Great on you for finishing another activity. Your summary of Moana is very interesting.I like how you included alot of information. It really kept me entertained. Have a magnificent holiday :)

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