Thursday, 21 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey Day 4 Activity 1

In this activity I had to find a maori waiata that I liked and say why I liked it so much...

What I really liked about this song was the way that they sang it. I also loved how they said the words so clearly. Although I don't understand what they are saying I still really loved it.


sarah Glen Innes School said...

Hola Harrison
I definitely agree with you. How did you find this task?

Vedel @ Glen Innes School said...

Bonjour Harrison
What fantastic work you have done!! That is actually very true, they do sing it very clearly. Do you feel like you are getting better with Maori when you listen or sing this song??

nastazia @ Glen Innes school said...

wow harrison
I like what you have done .
very cool and amazing I like this song because it's chacty .
keep up the great work .

Cadence said...

Kia Ora Harrison!

Another SLJ activity complete! Ka pai :) You have chosen a very cool song. I use to sing that song when I was at school for assembly.

Maybe you could add the words translated into English so your blog readers will know what the song is about?

Great song choice Harrison!

Blog ya later!

Cadence :)

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