Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey Day 2 Activity 2

In this activity I had to decide what my dream job would be and why I chose that certain job...

Here I have photoshopped (As I'm not a very good drawer) a picture of me in a courtroom. This is because at the current moment in my life after much thought about it I believe that I want to become a lawyer. I don't really know why I want to become a lawyer I just feel that it may have something to do with I how usually win controlled argument in philosophy but hey I guess we'll never know.


Vedel @ Glen Innes School said...

Hey Harrison
Outstanding work!! We have similar futures. Being a lawyer is a great job.. What type of lawyer do you want to become and why??

sarah Glen Innes School said...

How wonderful Harrison. Being a lawyer is a terrific job. You will be a perfect one. Why do you really want to be a lawyer?

Ruby SLJ said...

Hi Harrison,

Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team! Another good activity. Well done.

What a great job! Lawyers are very important particularly when they're doing things for good people. It might also be very stressful being a lawyer. What do you think some of the biggest stresses might be?

My dream job is to be a teacher. I was inspired by my Mum who was a teacher as well. Have you been inspired by anyone? Perhaps a teacher or maybe even a television show!

I look forward to reading more of your blog over the summer.

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