Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Migration of Māori

Ms. Maude says...

If we dive deep into Maori history you will find the story of Kupe and how he was responsible for finding Aotearoa. Kupe hailed from Hawaii. He liked octopuses, but here was on particular octopus that he chased all around the pacific. When he landed though, he landed one the north island of Aotearoa. As it had got no current inhabitants is was available to anyone that wanted it as their homeland. So he sailed back to Hawaii and informed 7 chiefs that he has found land. Then they set off heading for Aotearoa. They traveled to Aotearoa but when they had reached it the Chief of the Te Arawa waka informed the Chief of the Tainui waka that they had lost their navigator so they would have to use their's Ngatoroirangi.


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