Monday, 8 May 2017

Evil Twin

“Robbery down at Central City Bank,” yelled Detective West as he bolted down the stairs.
“Get the command unit down there, pronto!” yelled a police officer who also scurried down the stairs. Detective West rushed to Central City bank going as fast as a cheetah. Down  a huge crowd had formed. The command unit was already there cutting people off and clearing out the bank. Victor Mcintosh walked out in handcuffs accompanied by two officers. Victor Mcintosh, a well known doctor who discovered how to create the V9 serum made himself billions.
“We got him boss, he was the only one in there and when we found him cowering in a corner. He had two different backpacks full of golden bars,” yelled one of the officers with rather croaky voice.

The police officer shoved Victor into the police car. While this was all going on Harrison was sitting in front of his tv eyes glued to screen. He had just watched Victor been taken out of the bank and he couldn't help noticing the remarkable resemblance between the two of them. Harrison knew that Victor was innocent (Harrison’s day job was a lawyer), so he spent the next few days preparing facts and eyewitness statements. Even though Victor had a lawyer he was going to enter the courtroom and prove his innocence.

The next day was the court case and Harrison got dressed up in his suit and headed off to the courthouse. He went right in and started proving Victor to be innocent. At the end of the case the bank showed CCTV footage showing that Victor had got quite heated then took the gold that was right next to him then the camera cut out. However, Judge Wells believed that Victor was innocent, but that Harrison was guilty! So he was sentenced to five years in prison! He had to think of another plan.

Harrison asked that the Crime Scene Investigation Unit be sent down to the bank to investigate and so they did. The police had to shut down the bank so the the Crime Scene Investigation Unit lead by Wallie Wellsbury could work. They found some pretty interesting secrets like the safe lock which was frozen shut and burn mark all over the floor and walls. However, the strangest thing was hail stones weighing one hundred kg over all of the weighted pressure plates which coincidently was the weight of everything that was stolen.
“Whoever, did this is either a metahuman or a really weird meteorologist obsessed with their work,” said Wallie Wellsbury in a very sarcastic voice. “I am pretty sure that Harrison didn’t do any of this so I guess that we can set him free.”

The next day Harrison was let out even though he had only been in there for a week it felt like he had been in there for a year. Harrison went straight home and took a long and comfy nap on his own bed. Harrison realized that none of the would have happened if he hadn't stuck his nose where it didn’t belong.


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