Monday, 30 October 2017

Chemical Change: Fire

Ask a question
What will happen when the fire from the match and the paper mix?
Construct a hypothesis( make a guess)
My hypothesis is the the paper will burn after it is ignited with fire.
Conduct the experiment
Paper and Fire
Record your observations and data colour change,
  • The paper changed colour
  • The heat/temperature of the paper
  • The was a release of gas in the form of smoke
  • It was irreversible
  • A new substance was formed (Newspaper→Burned Paper)
Analyse information
As all of these events have happened this is a chemical change.
Report results
In conclusion, the paper and fire experiment is a chemical change. This is true because there was a change of colour as the paper turned from a white-grey to a dark black. There was also a severe change in heat/temperature. Not only that but there was also a large amount of gas released in the form of the smoke. It is also a chemical change because a new substance was formed in with the old substance being newspaper and the new substance was burnt paper this change is also irreversible.


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