Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How Different Families Show Love In Different Ways

Family, it is the greatest gift ever given! Some of the greatest times that you have in your luxurious life is with your family. Family means something different to everybody. Your family is monumentally big, it has been going on for generations and generations. Thousands of years! It includes all siblings, parents, their parents now your grandparents. Also, your extended family which includes all of your Cousins, Aunties, Uncles and others. Unfortunately you have no choice because you are born into your family, well unless you're adopted.
Family has different meanings for each individual. It is a single word with many several meanings. You can either love them or you hate them. The definition of Family is “a group of people related by blood or marriage”.  The perception of family is based on culture, values, and perception. For you family could be something that you share your highest and deepest moment.
Families show love in many different ways. Your family can show love to you differently to how your best friends families shows love to them. One way that a family could show love would be giving gifts, whether it be: Christmas, your birthday or just a special day parents will usually give gifts to their children. Another way parents show love to their children is taking them on holidays to places all other the world. Have you ever the saying the “biggest things come in small packages” well that is the case with this way of showing love, one of the most basic ways to show love is just to say it.
Parents are some of the most generous people in the world. They supply the bare necessities to their children who cannot supply it for themselves.  They give them a roof over their head for shelter and protection from the harsh ever changing weather. Also, they supply clothes to keep their child warm and protect from embarrassment. Food and water is a major part of our lives because if we didn’t have it then we would either die from dehydration or hunger.
The family is where life begins and where love never ends. Families are the greatest thing in the world. They mean something different to each and every person. Families show love to their relatives in several ways. Also if it weren't for families everyone would probably be dead because there would be no way to supply for our needs. So if families didn’t exist we would live a really miserable life. Thank you to all of the families out there for raising the generations of the future.


alicia said...

Annyeonghaseyo Harrison,

Wow you really took a ton of thought when you were writing this!
This story reminds me of my story that I wrote with the same topic. You are also correct about how one of the most basic way to show love is to say it. I strongly believe that it is also the most loving way just to say it face to face. Well done on completing your story! Did you learn more about family throughout the process of writing this story?

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