Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey Day 4 Activity 1

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What happened at Farewell Spit? 

300 whales got themselves beached on the shore, and unfortunately despite numerous efforts from a lot of people they died.  

 Environmentalists, tourists and everyday kiwi people spent hours running back and forth, filling buckets up with seawater to make sure that the whales didn't dry out and suffocate. 

Unfortunately not all of them survived, and eventually only a handful were successfully re-floated back to sea.


jolie said...

Kia Ora Harrison

This post is amazing but at the same time very sad. It is sad to know that 300 whales get themselves beached on the shore. See you in term 3 :)

Nicky Bloy said...

Hey Harrison!

I like that you have a shared an image for your readers to illustrate what you're writing about. It's so unfortunate that not all of the whales made it but to see, but it's such a relief that there were so many people willing to help so that atlas some could be returned! Do you think you would go down and help if you could?


daniel said...

Hi Harrison
Good job on this WLJ activity. I feel sorry for those whales. I wonder how many managed to survive. Keep up the good work.

Limiteti @ Glen Innes School said...

Hi Harrison,

That was very sad that 300 whales got beached at farewell split, I loved the way you placed in a picture so that we can see what the people did. I think it was really great how you placed in a lot of information. Keep up the great work!

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