Friday, 9 June 2017

Reading Test Results

I had my reading test the other day. I got a 5p which is really good. I think that I can still do better though. Next I want to get in the sixes. So I have to push myself.


Sami said...

I loved how you got a 5p but I think you need to really push yourself to get a six. I got a 4B and I was really happy. What was you reaction when you got a 5p.

lucky Glen Innes School said...

Hi Harrison
You are the most smartest kid I the class but I think you are going to struggle trying to get there don't push yourself to hard.

Harrison said...

Sami I was very happy what about you

Harrison said...

Lucky I wasn't really pushing my self I just made sure that I ansered right

Harrison said...
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