Thursday, 16 February 2017

Water Colour Painting

Yesterday I did my first attempt at watercolour painting and I believe that it came out really well.

The three techniques that we learnt were

  1. Wet on Wet which is where you put water on you paper and the mix paint in with water tomake a lighter watercolor
  2. Wet on Dry which is where you mix the painting with water and just put it on dry paper
  3. Dre on Wet  which is when you put straight paint onto a wet piece of paper


Zain said...

Talofa Lava Harrison
I loved your piece of artwork. The swirls for the mountain were perfectly done. I also had the same task. Did you like doing this

Harrison said...

Yeah I really did like doing this, where is your question mark though?

Jaedah said...

Hi there Harrison, I'm Jaedah I go to Pt England school. I have seen your work. I liked your water colour painting. I think that I could try that out one day. Here is a link to my blog.

Blog you later

Harrison said...
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Harrison said...

Hi Jadeah
Thanks for such a positive comment. They are really quite easy, all you need is a brush, water and paint just mix it together and apply to the the paper.
Your quad blogging buddy

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