Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Day 5 Activity 2


I chose "Matlida" by Rohl Dahl because initially it begins by mirroring what happens in the world today, in some counties, whereby adults think that just because they are bigger/older/wiser than children, they can ultimate control over them.  

However, in my opinion, children have a lot more will-power, determination and perseverance than adults and generally they don't give up as easily as some grown-ups when it come to reaching their aspirations.


Mark Barlow said...

Wow nice!

I 100% agree with that statement. The young are also more idealistic and want to change the world for the better. I feel like by the time a lot of people make it into adulthood, they have given up on changing things and just want to be part of what is already established as the norm.

Very mature thinking, I am very impressed.

Keep up this solid effort. You're allowing me to expect very good things from you.


Harrison said...

Thank you...

Harrison said...

I've just found out that Matilda (the play) is on in the West End of London so I'm hoping that when we visit the UK later this year we can go see it after visiting H.P World..

Mark Barlow said...

Nice! Best of luck. Hope you get to see it

Harrison said...

Thanks Mark!

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