Friday, 28 October 2016

Weather Work

  • I wonder what makes a rainbow?
  • I wonder why a rainbow is in an arch?
  • I wonder why lighting is attracted to metal?
  • I wonder how tornadoes are formed?
  • I wonder what the difference is between a category 5 and 1 in wind speeds and movement speeds?
  • I wonder what are the wind speeds in a sandstorm?
  • I wonder how avalanches are formed?
  • I wonder why the sun is so bright and we can see it when it is so far away?
  • I wonder what is the highest speed of wind ever recorded?
  • I wonder why there are only 7 colours and not more?
  • I wonder why lighting is all tree like?
  • I wonder why clouds different colors and sunrise and sunset?
  • I wonder why clouds look like things at times?
  • I wonder which is bigger a tornado or cyclone?
  • I wonder are winds deady?
  • I wonder how strong of winds the weather station can with stand?
  • I wonder how long does it take to build a weather station?
  • I wonder what a weather balloon helps measure?
  • I wonder what material is a weather balloon made out off?

I wonder why lighting is attracted to metal?

Lighting is attracted to pointy things but metal is a primary conductor of electricity. Think that lighting is kind of lazy so i goes for the closest tall thing then it builds up enough energy to power 5 homes for 12 hours. In a lighting storm the several clouds in one cluster that is because the electric charge in the clouds attracts the other electric charges in other clouds, this is because electricity is drawn to electricity. When the is a burst in the clouds pressure that is when  lighting strikes. Lighting rod are made from a primary conductor of electricity and is also pointed, they also need to be placed up really high so the lightning doesn't hit a higher point, in auckland there is a lighting rod right at the top of Sky Tower.


jazire @ glen innes school said...

I like the choice of questions you chose Harrison, it looks great. i also like how you answered your questions in a scientific type of way. since it is about the science of weather.

Gordon @ glen Innes school said...

I like you Whiting

Gordon @ glen Innes school said...

It is cool

Kane said...

Good work harrison kepp it up

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